Summer extreme

TA-DAA! I cleared almost all the tests for a major airline, only my medical is left. This happened in April, and life’s been more or less charming since then. Nothing to do at home, pa not getting worked up over me- tis a good feeling. Now all that I had to think of, was how to fill my time doing something productive. Correction: some things. Plural. 
I joined a parkour class(yeah baby) in March, and boy, it is as tough as I imagined it would be. Want to move like a monkey? Condition your body first. And that involves a lot of drills, to strengthen all the little muscle groups and improve flexibility. It’s all very boring and tedious and tiring, but the results are smashing. I was able to do a proper Kong in May. 


Image is for reference, but yeah, I did that. 
Nothing gives a better high than accomplishing something you always aspired to do. Now I’m able to sustain handstands, do wall-ups(that wall walk which we all made the Prince do in those Prince of Persia games), L-sits, and other totally ridiculous stuff. And I can’t even do proper pull-ups! Still working on that front.
Apart from that, took out my guitar again, re-strung it, and re-learning it. I’ve been putting that off for WAY too long now. It’s fun, not counting the part where tuning the E# results in it snapping and almost taking my eye out. And all these handy apps and online guitar tutorials really help out.
This heat wave in India and the El Nino effect plays havoc with my social life though. I hardly feel like going out. Maybe once or twice in a couple of weeks. And I need to go out. Seriously. Being cooped up is fine for a while, but me wants fresh air.
And that’s about it for now. Will keep posting stuff at random time intervals. Enjoy the Football World Cup! Gesundheit!



~ by 土龍 drigruan on June 12, 2014.

3 Responses to “Summer extreme”

  1. Ah!! really u can do DAT?? the thing in the pic?? oh btw heartiest congratulations!! which air line??

  2. I missed this… 😛 and same reaction o_0 You can do that? *claps* And wall-ups ❤

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