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Against competition

Against mortal grain

Against logic

Against all odds

Against convention

Against pragmatic belief

Against doubt

Against time

Against hundreds who thought otherwise

Against hope

Against my own human capabilities

Against everyone

Will stand a voice that says

I. Will. Fly.



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I’m actually a sportsman; I love sport, so NO disrespect, BUT: I don’t understand cricket. I mean, the concept of cricket is that somebody has to stand there, while somebody else runs as fast as they can with a rock hard concrete ball that you know they’re going to be throwing at you. Your NORMAL reaction would be to get out of the way. But instead you choose to stand there, with only a piece of wood to protect yourself. Then there’s the man who’s “fielding“… he’s basically just standing there, and if the ball doesn’t come his way, he has nothing to do for 20-30 minutes. What exactly is the fun in that? I don’t get it. It’s NOT fun to play, it’s NOT fun to watch… I shouldn’t be saying this out loud in India, not if I want to live 😐 … Cricket might be THE religion in India, but I’m an atheist :/

P.S. The match at Mohali broke one more jinx: I watched the match <albeit in parts> and India still won. Whoopie -_-


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I like to look

I love to leap

I like to love

I love to live….


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I come alive when I dance
I come alive when I read
I come alive when I fly
I come alive when I’m me…


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One of my most beautiful memories:

The place is Shivpuri, 16 km from Rishikesh and a water rafting hotspot. I’m a newly turned teenager and puberty has set in (as sis so ruefully remembers how ghastly my screeching voice sounded). Its my first time white water rafting and I’m taking in the scenery – rolling hills, swirling deep river, icy to touch, awesome weather, the whole shebang. While the others prepare and get into their necessary clothes, I drift away to one side where the view is especially pretty – a golden sun just peeking over one hill, positioned so that I can easily tell the demarcation between the sunlight and the shade, however much they splinter. I stepped into the water and go on until the water reaches my knees. I get so mesmerised by the whole atmosphere that when a girl suddenly appears to be standing in the water not 3 paces from me, I almost fell over into the water, startled. She’s pretty in a tomboy-ish way, with hair cut uptil her neck and a lopsided smile. She laughs at my reaction, and its such a melodious sound, like the husky chirping of a mockingbird mimicking the sound of icicles breaking. Then she became unsteady herself. She reaches out her hand to me and my hand automatically reacts, going out towards her. She clasps it and steadies herself, then smiles at me again. I smile back and together we continue enjoying the sensation of being completely comfortable with a person we’ve never seen before (although I can feel my heart thumping a bit harder than usual), while surrounded by the exquisite vista. It seemed like in no time people were calling for us.

We never met again. We didn’t even ask each other’s names.

I don’t remember her face exactly. I would’ve liked to meet her again. I guess some things are just meant to be memories…



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Friday Midnight

It was my sis’s birthday today. I thought she would be having plans for the evening so I made my own with my friends. Then I came to know (and I’m having a hard time remembering from whom) that she didn’t have plans as such. Weird >.< …she’s a social butterfly! Anyways, I cancelled my plans and thought I would take her out myself. Stupid decision, as it turned out. She DID have an evening itinerary mapped out o.O . Of course, silly me. I then sheepishly asked her if I could come along (I knew her friends, the fair lot of them anyways). She agreed nonchalantly at first. All right then, thats set.

BOOM! My mum comes to me and said “What will YOU do with them?” As if. Most guys in the group were 1 year younger to me, so we got along fine. I knew something was up. I confronted both mum and sis. I had a feeling that my sis might not want me to go, so I had decided that in such a case I will just say “no probs” and wave it off. Turns out she didn’t. No valid reason given whatsoever. One “socially acceptable” reason provided was that since I’m the eldest, the onus of giving the treat would rest on me. Since the other guys were giving the party, my going along would screw the balance. … wait, wha? … I didn’t react the way I’d expected to, instead going all flustered and annoyed.

I HATE social norms 😦

But I like bitching xD…. Read and weep peeps!


Blibble blabble

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Thursday morning

Guten morgen peeps! Just came back from dropping off my sis and her friend at the metro for her dance practice for the upcoming Delhi Univ fests. That too just 3 days after she performed at the Commonwealth Games Opening ceremony here, after more than a month of gruelling practice. She’s one multi-talented girl, with one drawback – she’s the greatest bubblehead one will ever meet. Combine that with all the stuff that she does – AISSEC (International Student body), Bharatnatyam classes, managing her college’s dance group Panache and lastly studying for her prestigious course of B.Com. (Hons) from SRCC, DU. You got it – its almost a complete shebang. The girl somehow manages not to lose it 😛 . I’m proud of her, no doubt.

And now I’m waiting for my breakfast to be served (hot cheela!). Then snooze time. Snorrree….

4 weddings coming up. November – my (youngest) elder cousin. That’s right – I’m next in line (shudder). Dec – a family friend. Jan – off to Mumbai for two marriages – one of a very dear friend whom I met while travelling in the train after she’d been robbed of her stuff. And the second one in Feb of a friend of a friend (yeah I just need excuses to have fun in the most happening city in India xD ). That reminds me – I NEED A FRIKKIN’ SUIT!!! Crap I gotta go remind pa ’bout it.