I’m actually a sportsman; I love sport, so NO disrespect, BUT: I don’t understand cricket. I mean, the concept of cricket is that somebody has to stand there, while somebody else runs as fast as they can with a rock hard concrete ball that you know they’re going to be throwing at you. Your NORMAL reaction would be to get out of the way. But instead you choose to stand there, with only a piece of wood to protect yourself. Then there’s the man who’s “fielding“… he’s basically just standing there, and if the ball doesn’t come his way, he has nothing to do for 20-30 minutes. What exactly is the fun in that? I don’t get it. It’s NOT fun to play, it’s NOT fun to watch… I shouldn’t be saying this out loud in India, not if I want to live 😐 … Cricket might be THE religion in India, but I’m an atheist :/

P.S. The match at Mohali broke one more jinx: I watched the match <albeit in parts> and India still won. Whoopie -_-


~ by 土龍 drigruan on April 2, 2011.

One Response to “ON CRICKET”

  1. i agree… kinda find it funny that ppl dat old still njoi playing bat ball… 😛

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