Friday Midnight

It was my sis’s birthday today. I thought she would be having plans for the evening so I made my own with my friends. Then I came to know (and I’m having a hard time remembering from whom) that she didn’t have plans as such. Weird >.< …she’s a social butterfly! Anyways, I cancelled my plans and thought I would take her out myself. Stupid decision, as it turned out. She DID have an evening itinerary mapped out o.O . Of course, silly me. I then sheepishly asked her if I could come along (I knew her friends, the fair lot of them anyways). She agreed nonchalantly at first. All right then, thats set.

BOOM! My mum comes to me and said “What will YOU do with them?” As if. Most guys in the group were 1 year younger to me, so we got along fine. I knew something was up. I confronted both mum and sis. I had a feeling that my sis might not want me to go, so I had decided that in such a case I will just say “no probs” and wave it off. Turns out she didn’t. No valid reason given whatsoever. One “socially acceptable” reason provided was that since I’m the eldest, the onus of giving the treat would rest on me. Since the other guys were giving the party, my going along would screw the balance. … wait, wha? … I didn’t react the way I’d expected to, instead going all flustered and annoyed.

I HATE social norms 😦

But I like bitching xD…. Read and weep peeps!



~ by 土龍 drigruan on October 9, 2010.

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