Blibble blabble

Thursday morning

Guten morgen peeps! Just came back from dropping off my sis and her friend at the metro for her dance practice for the upcoming Delhi Univ fests. That too just 3 days after she performed at the Commonwealth Games Opening ceremony here, after more than a month of gruelling practice. She’s one multi-talented girl, with one drawback – she’s the greatest bubblehead one will ever meet. Combine that with all the stuff that she does – AISSEC (International Student body), Bharatnatyam classes, managing her college’s dance group Panache and lastly studying for her prestigious course of B.Com. (Hons) from SRCC, DU. You got it – its almost a complete shebang. The girl somehow manages not to lose it 😛 . I’m proud of her, no doubt.

And now I’m waiting for my breakfast to be served (hot cheela!). Then snooze time. Snorrree….

4 weddings coming up. November – my (youngest) elder cousin. That’s right – I’m next in line (shudder). Dec – a family friend. Jan – off to Mumbai for two marriages – one of a very dear friend whom I met while travelling in the train after she’d been robbed of her stuff. And the second one in Feb of a friend of a friend (yeah I just need excuses to have fun in the most happening city in India xD ). That reminds me – I NEED A FRIKKIN’ SUIT!!! Crap I gotta go remind pa ’bout it.



~ by 土龍 drigruan on October 7, 2010.

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