Yeah it’s gonna be as weird as it sounds…

This is my first attempt. If anyone ever discovers this, do go ahead and suggest any improvements that can be made in the comments section.

Monday midnight

I am seriously bored…… Bored enough that I thought of creating a blog. I used to think about how people have so much time to maintain a blog about their life if they’re spending all their time on maintaining it !   <—redundant words, i know >.>

Anyways, now that I’ve started, I’m having second thoughts. What are my options?

1. Go on Facebook, play Kingdoms of Camelot.

2. Watch the latest How I Met Your Mother episode that I downloaded just now (Yeah yeah I know its piracy…screw you).

3. Call up a random friend and then give myself a headache.

4. Study (Blechh….  >.<)

Yeah those are pretty much it…

You must be thinking why the heck is a 22 year old guy (yeah I’m that old) not doing anything worthwhile. Well, ladies and gentlemen, I’m a …..wait for it…..civil freshly-trained out-of-work pilot. I gave an interview in the national carrier of India (thats Air India) a month back and have been waiting for the result ever since. I tried to find out what the heck is going on, and came to know its a political standoff between the Government who wants the airline to take in all the candidates that appeared from my academy, and the airline who’s short on training seats and can only take a few of us. And to top it off, I came to know that there IS a shortlist, that my name is on it (Yippy!), and that there’s probably going to be another selection obstacle (written exam) <sigh>. Its just that the result isn’t officially out yet! Makes me wanna screeaaamm!

First of all, Air India isn’t really in a position to take in more pilots. Thing is, its a financial nightmare, and even though it needs more pilots for its new aircrafts, it can’t take in all of them BECAUSE of the said problem. What’s the word for it? Paradoxical situation….

They came for campus interviews at my academy (i.e. Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Akademi aka IGRUA) because its part owned by the Govt and CAE and partly funded by Air India. Now the program was to take a written exam, then the shorlisted candidates would appear for a psychometry test and an interview, then the final candidates would be chosen after a simulator test. Only problem was, since the airline had come after 2 years for the campus, there was a shitload of us waiting for this opportunity. And the way they had it planned, it wouldn’t have been possible to cover everything with everyone in the given time. Needless to say, it was a fiasco.


So now here I am, trying to write something funny in my first blog, only to end up boring y’all who had the misfortune to come across this blog. Only people who would find this even a bit entertaining ( overstatement ) would be the ones who know me. And considering the state of Indian youth, they would rather smoke up than read a blog. I can only say that for my friends though.

What I do want is, that somebody contacts me and at the least gives me tips on how to write a decent blog. Coz I know, this  ^literary garbage^ stinks O__O .




~ by 土龍 drigruan on October 5, 2010.

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